Our Story

1956 was the beginning of our ongoing relationship with McDonald's and it started with deliveries to Ray Kroc's first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois. Many big ideas start as a sketch on a paper napkin. We put our own twist on the story. The paper napkin was our big idea. As McDonald's grew, so did we. We dropped "Paper" from the company name in 1964 to better reflect our additional services. In 1972, we developed the "Total Supply" advantage, in which we supply all of a restaurant's inventory needs, including our foundational paper products. It's the same brand of full-circle service that we're proud to offer today.


    Reducing our carbon footprint is key to our community involvement, and it begins with an environmental scorecard for each distribution center. We track our landfill contribution, energy and fuel use, and the amount of materials we recycle and reuse. The results reward our efforts and reveal room for improvement. All of our distribution centers have an environmental management system and are on their way to ISO 14001 certification. This certification is an internationally recognized benchmark for sustainability. We pursue alternative fuels, and our UK biodiesel fuel program earned the 2011 Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) Award in Environmental Improvement.


    Our company could not exist without strong communities. We do our part in making them stronger. Each distribution center supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provide temporary housing to the families of hospitalized children. We provide skilled jobs, understand the importance of family, and offer opportunities for those looking to challenge themselves and serve as ambassadors of our values in their community. We know that safety on the road leads to safety in the community. It all starts with extensive training. The skills covered in training are further refined with real-world examples in our daily huddles. And even before we set out, our maintenance team ensures that the reliability of our fleet matches the dependability of our drivers.


    Martin Brower became a subsidiary of Reyes Holdings, L.L.C. in 1997 and is one of three divisions. Reyes Holdings has more than 18,200 employees and 130 locations distribution centers worldwide. Reyes Holdings is the 12th largest privately owned company in America, and with their trust in us, we're able to take the "Total Supply" model to the next level of efficiency. We're always on the lookout for strategic partners. We acquired Keystone Foods' distribution business in April 2012, combining their innovations in sustainability with ours and bringing the number of McDonald's stores we serve worldwide to 16,000.


  • Martin Brower was founded in 1934 under the name Brower Paper Company. After twenty years, the company merged with the Martin Paper Company to form the Martin-Brower Paper Company.

  • In 1956 we acquired the National Paper Napkin Manufacturing Company. That same year, Martin-Brower Paper Company was personally selected by Ray Kroc to be the paper products supplier for his very first restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

  • In 1964, we dropped the word "Paper" from our name becoming The Martin-Brower Company to better reflect our diverse range of products and services.

  • In 1972 we opened our first Canadian distribution facility in Brampton, Ontario serving 90 McDonald's restaurants.

  • In 1982, we began operating in Brazil under the name Brapelco serving just four restaurants.

  • Reyes Holdings acquired Martin Brower in 1998.

  • Martin-Brower Brazil Food-Service was formed in São Paolo, Brazil, in 2003 from a joint venture with Bunge Alimentos.

  • HQE (Haute Qualité Environnementale) is the French equivalent to LEED. Our facility in Beauvais was the first HQE warehouse in France. Leading the way for setting the standard.

  • In 2006, the business expanded in the US with additional territory in the Midwest including new customers from Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Montana and a new distribution facility in Fridley Minnesota.

  • In 2009 we welcomed Metroplex Holdings Inc. in Harriman, NY and Metroplex Ireland LLC, in Dublin, Ireland to the company. This acquisition added 574 NY McDonald's customers and 49 Chipotle customers from New York and New Jersey, and over 100 Irish McDonald's customers.

  • McDonald's awarded Martin-Brower US with The Supplier of the Year Award for demonstrating system leadership toward achieving the goals of the US logistics vision and for going above and beyond to improve the McDonald's brand.

  • We introduced the first silent delivery semi-trailer in France. Compliant with the PIEK standard requirement of less than 69dB, this vehicle produces less noise than a conversation.

  • All our French warehouses were certified for handling organic foods so we can accompany our client to develop this type of product line.

  • We were shortlisted for 3 awards by the Chartered Institute of Logistics in Ireland: Environmental Award, Technology Award, HR Development Award.

  • We were named McDonald's Supplier of the Year in Brazil.

  • London Freight Operator of the Year, UK GreenFleet Awards

  • McDonald's presents our Canadian Operations leadership with the coveted Service Excellence Award. We were again awarded the HR Development award by the Chartered Institute of Logistics in Ireland.

  • We were named the official distributor for Bob's 800 restaurants in Brazil, and were presented with the Excellence in Performance Award by Bob's for the smooth transition of this business.

  • McDonald's UK Performance Supplier of the Year

  • Award for Excellence in Environmental Improvement, Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport UK (CILT) – in partnership with McDonald's UK for our innovative and industry-leading reverse logistics oil solution.

  • We unveiled the first all-electric high capacity vehicle in France during the International Transport and Logistics Fair held in Paris. This vehicle, resulting from a design partnership with Chereau, has a 12T payload capacity and interchangeable cargo boxes.

  • We were the first French company in the warehouse and distribution industry to achieve quadruple certification (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001) for all our sites. These certifications were renewed in October 2012.

  • We acquired distribution operations in the United States, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar.

  • Low Carbon Efficiency Award, UK Motor Transport Awards – in partnership with McDonald's UK, for our Used Cooking Oil (UCO) and Grease Trough Waste (GTW) reverse logistics initiatives

  • -Three Legged Stool Award, UK

    -Supply Chain Outstanding Contribution Award, UK

    -Supply Chain Team of the Year, UK

  • -Supply Chain Best Practice Award at the CILT, UK

    -Annual Awards for Excellence (Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport), UK

    -Health & Safety Contribution Award, UK

  • -McDonald’s UK Supply Chain Conference Awards for Innovation, Outstanding Contribution for Zero Waste to Landfill and Team of the Year, UK

    -National Apprentice Award, France

  • -McDonald’s Ranks #2 Best Supply Chain Globally, USA

    -Innovation Award for Robotics – The Frybot, USA

  • -McDonald’s Canada Supplier Summit, wins 4 awards for significant contribution in crisis management and signature wrap team and 2 leadership awards, Canada

    -Press On Award, ANZ

    -Innovation Award, ANZ

  • -New Menu Development Award, Korea

    -Solution Provider Award, Korea

    -Recognized as one of the 150 best places to work, Brazil

    -Mohebi and Martin Brower are recognized for the 20-year partnership with McDonald’s, AMPEA

  • -McDonald’s Ranks #2 Best Supply Chain Globally

    -UK’s Heywood DC Wins Partnership Award for unwavering support and dedication to assuring supply to restaurants

    -Top Employer Certified Excellence in Employee Conditions, France

  • -Assured Supply Award, Korea

    -The Best Service Provider customer recognition, Brazil

    -McDonald’s Outstanding Service Award “Northwest” project for Create Your Taste, The Corner, Burger Bar and Casey Clan, Australia